Anyone up for a bleak sci fi short? Written & filmed all in one day for the 48 hour Sci Fi Film Challenge 2017. Thanks to my awesome team, Tom Watts, Sophia Del Pizzo, Harry Johns and were lucky enough to have Oli Langford score it with his top draw violin skills

<p><a href=”″>Not Today</a> from <a href=””>Tom Watts</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

We got given the title Not Today, had to include the prop “someone winds up a clockwork toy” and the dialogue “why do I have to keep telling you the same thing over and over” and this is the depressing, yet thrilling result…

Something a little different on the horizon, for the last few months I’ve been designing an Escape Room and we are nearly ready to launch. Myself and two friends had the idea, after playing some great Escape Rooms in Prague, of making a mobile Escape Room in a van. Months, hard work and the purchase of a van later and our Houdini themed puzzle van will be making it’s debut for the whole 6 weeks of VAULT Festival near Waterloo Station

I’ll be manning it myself for some of the shows, details below,come along and get wrapped in chains and thrown in a van (in a good way)


Friends! I’ve been busy tinkering away at a new live comedy show and the first night is nearly upon us. Thursday November 10th at the new Angel Comedy Club, 39 Queen’s Head St, London N1 8NQ
Show starts at 7.15. Tickets on the door for either £5 or €5. I need to start hoarding those sweet sweet Euros

But what is it Tom Bell? Citizen Test will pit two teams of guest comedians against each other in a series of elaborate tasks in order to win the ultimate prize; citizenship of Great Britain!

Hosted by the “sublime and ridiculous”(Chortle) Tom Bell in his long overdue return to live comedy. Featuring a live band and the real Geoffrey Chaucer keeping score, Citizen Test promises to be a show of brilliant chaos; like a village fete, gone very weird indeed.
Remember, Brexit Means Prizes!

More details here:



Well this is exciting! My second appearance in a Doctor Who Big Finish audio just came out. I recorded this a long time ago now and googled it on a whim to see what had become of it and BOOM, there it was!

Once again I’m playing a dual, alien role. Love those alien roles you guys. As a huge classic Doctor Who fan, getting to work with Carole Ann Ford and William Russell was especially exciting. Recorded it so long ago I actually don’t remember much of the plot which will make listening back all the more exciting!

For the last three years I’ve been part of a brilliant and wildly successful comedy stage show called Knightmare Live. Perhaps you have seen it. This year other work meant I sadly had to step down from being a part of the live show (although it is going on to the Edinburgh Fringe still so do check it out)

HOWEVER. I did spend an evening getting very merry with my pal Paul and recorded us, in character as characters from the original 90’s kid’s TV show, looking back and “reminiscing” on our time on the show.

It might not make much sense if you don’t know the kid’s TV show, but here is episode one of our new web series “Beneath The Helmet”

Enter, Stranger…