Wait a minute, was Tom Bell in Star Wars VII The Force Awakens?

Yes I was! Incredibly briefly… as everyone’s favourite character the Ubdurian merchant Prashee! (pictured with hand to head in the photo there)Ubdurians.jpg

If you’d like to hear me, pretty hungover, talking about how this ever came to pass, then you’ll want to check out the latest episode of the Steele Wars podcast where I discuss this strange turn of events at length…


Friends in the UK, lovers of Radio 4 sitcoms & fans of my voice, you are in for a treat.

Plum House, the new BBC Radio 4 sitcom about the least successful visitor attraction in the Lake District starring myself, Simon Callow, Miles Jupp, Jane Horrocks and many more is currently airing. Directed by the brilliant Paul Schlesinger and with genuinely awesome guest roles, all the episodes will be going up on the BBC iPlayer. Check it out team!


Had a wonderful time recording it, especially every time i got to stand on this pile of gravel to make it sounds like as if were walking outside…

plum house recording

how to sound like you are walking outside on the radio


Plum House Radio 4 Tom Bell.png


plum house credits.png

Dry those tear filled eyes America! My turn as Lord Porlock in Julian Fellowes’ adapataion of the Trollope novel “Doctor Thorne” has made it to streaming service Amazon Prime. Only a 4 episode miniseries, have your servants set it up in the drawing room and you should get through it all in one Sunday after a large luncheon. Don’t invite any poor people of course. Those guys are the worst!



I even make a brief appearance in this video teaser!


It occurs to me I entirely forgot to post here that ITV’s latest period drama “Doctor Thorne” has just started! Written by “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes it is a 3 part adaptation of the Anthony Trollope novel of the same name. Here are a few screen grabs from Episode 1 of me as Lord Porlock, heir to the wealthy De Courcy family name and castle. Can’t begin to adequately describe what a joy it was to be a part of it all, and all done on amazing locations around the UK. Hopefully I will able to post some of the great behind the scenes photos I took over the course of filming.

Episode 1 is on ITV player in the UK here: http://www.itv.com/hub/doctor-thorne/2a4010a0001
Almost certainly will air in the US and further afield as well. No dates as of yet but it will be worth the wait.
For now, just make the most of the withering looks in these screengrabs. So damn withering.