Doctor Thorne

An actor is never sure when they are allowed to mention their involvement in a project, but I noticed I was graciously name checked in an article about a very exciting show I recently wrapped on so, there can be no harm in sharing that right?

I always believed I had an non-contemporary face. A look of, as Ed Weeks puts it, a drowned Elizabethan. Well it’s finally paying off as I recently wrapped on my first period drama for ITV and The Weinstein Company. A brilliant adaptation by Julian Fellowes of the Trollope novel “Doctor Thorne”

The whole thing was genuinely one of my favourite experiences as a performer; travelling the country in a fine top hat, playing alongside wonderful, inspiring performers whilst staying in some of the greatest stately homes and castles in the UK. (There were limited spaces to stay in the castles but not everyone wanted to because there wasn’t any wifi. I, naturally, gobbled up these shamefully vacated rooms. Wifi be damned, this is the chance to stay in a castle!)

I’m fairly sure I can’t share any images with you yet, but rest assured, when i can, I won’t hold back on showing you my glamorous fake sideburns and super high top hat look.

Though I daresay I can share that we had amazing real horses and carts…


Doctor Thorne will be out sometime in 2016. Very excited for you all to see it. And rest assured, I did some great acting as always #mainactor