Nailed it! Chortle perfect playlist

In the run up to Knightmare Live at the West End (which is over it went great here is a photo of me with the original Treguard who was in our show, no big deal)

photo (3)

I got to write a short piece for comedy website Chortle about some of my favourite other comedians and comedy shows that aren’t me. The original draft was about four times longer than this which is not what they wanted at all. I was a bit delirious when I wrote it but here it is it exists and you might enjoy it. I knew when I was writing it that I would likely forget a few things that should definitely be on the list. I was right. For the record my favourite ever fringe show was probably “Missed Connections” by popular Indie Cop, Terry Saunders. It was so good it bagged him a wife. Can’t say fairer than that!