Knightmare Live Level 2




Welcome, watchers of illusion, to our Level 2 dungeon.

We are currently halfway through our run of Knightmare Live Level 2 at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is, as you can well imagine, going brilliantly. To anyone who has seen the show before I can confirm that we have redesigned every room and puzzle as well as doubled our number of cast and weird characters so it will definitely be worth a second, maybe more looks. I am extremely proud of the show and as I am not doing a stand up slot on the Free Fringe this year this remains your one chance to see my lovely face. If you can’t make Edinburgh we are back in London and other far flung locations in the autumn.

5.30 every day @ the Pleasance Forth, main courtyard. New guest teams every day. Tickets and info here:

A promo video for the tour is nearing completion. We have a very special guest this year as well. Without giving much away, it’s a MASSIVE DRAGON (spoilers!)

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