if Podcasts were movies I’d have been in two more movies

*sound of people shuffling in chairs and a microphone being tested*

*theme tune designed on garageband plays*

Welcome to the exciting world of Podcasts!

*other presenter laughs*

Ha ha ha! I can’t believe you started the show like that!

•they then reference something you can’t see*


For a moment there you probably thought you were listening to to a Podcast, but you’re not, yet… (actually you might be listening to a podcast for all I know)

Podcasts are where the big bucks are these days so like the money hungry media wolf I am I have recently appeared in TWO of the bastards.

I talked not much sense about the movie “Children of Men” with two greats, Marek Larwood and David Reed, on Film Fandango:

Off the back of that success and also because the original guest had to leave and I happened to be in the building at the time (I’d just done a radio pilot with Simon Callow, whatever, don’t go on about it)  I also guested on the brilliant transatlantic panel show International Waters on a killer team with Josie Long (who knew the answer to literally everything they asked)

I genuinely had just gone to the pub to talk all things Simon Callow when I got a call asking me to dash back and be a hero. Needless to say 10 minutes prep was all I needed to kick this one through the sticks and into the arms of a loving public. It might sound like they flew us to LA but it was all done on Skype and I was drinking a beer during it. I never even met those American people but I bet I would get on with them. They were cool.

Off to spend all this sweeeet sweeeet cash now.

*sound of motorbike going away from you*