if you look closely you can tell the baby is fake

Fake baby dreaming of brightly coloured hula-hoops. Dalston, London

Possible dialogue for supporting artists:

Furthest Left Child: “It doesn’t feel the same since google changed their privacy policy”

Middle Child: “You need to let this go now, you’re ruining Search Bar Sunday”

Furthest Right Child: “My Dad is a male nurse and the fact you don’t tease me about it highlights your importance to me as friends”

Middle Child: “Think I’m spelling heritage woodlands wrong, search has returned no hits”

Furthest Left Child: “These crisps taste hollow”

americanarge podcast


That is the sort of thing all Americans love to say and I should know because I have been a guest in the UK’s number one American sports podcast. Because I am a cool kid I happen to be a big NFL fan,  I understand all of the rules and like to point out to everyone that “in college football you only have to get one foot in bound for a catch to be ruled a completion” which really impresses them and after that we are firm friends.

Speaking of friends, Americarnage is hosted by my old pal Nat Coombs and it’s a great show so even the ones I’m not in might just be worth checking out as (Marek Larwood guested in the one two before me, that comes recommended.) You’ll find them here:


this is the link to the episode I’m in “you can play” (iTunes)

commemorative stamp

to celebrate the launch of a new look Tom Bell website, the Royal Mail has released this limited edition commemorative stamp showing Tom in a relaxed stance, a look of composed pleasure spread throughout, the bottle in his hand suggesting a happy event (and why not?)

the issue is for the coveted 31p stamp slot, not enough to post anything but useful for adding to current stamps to make them MORE POWERFUL.

as a bonus if you stare long enough at the image you will become increasingly hungry

you don’t have to lick this stamp to activate it’s ability but realistically you will want to

from the Royal Mail press release:
“All matter is composed of atoms. Atoms, in turn, are composed of positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and neutral neutrons. The protons and neutrons, which are of approximately equal size, comprise the close-packed central “nucleus” of the atom, where almost all of the mass of the atom is located. Hope you like this goddam stamp.”