acting secrets

It can be hard to get a good “headshot”to convince people to put you in their acting program but here on a wider shot we can see the surprising secret behind the craft. An acting familiar. In this case a horse. He is my secret acting weapon, Drama Horse, a special horse who is so good at acting that just touching his warm fuzzy head grants the toucher a powerful, residual acting ability. It takes many years (and in my case a lot of hay) to build up this bond but once there it is there to stay. The face I am pulling here would not have been possible without my acting familiar and I am grateful to him.

Acting familiars are the surprising secret behind a lot of successful actors in the industry. Sean Penn famously has a lizard strapped to his back, cleverly concealed under his outfits, Jimmy Stewart had an owl between his legs, whilst Cate Blanchett rides a Buffalo in every scene she does. Once you know it’s easy to spot.

Keep a look out for what other acting familiars actors are using. Write them down in a book. Check it every day. Never lose that book. The government will come for that book and you will have to be ready to fight. They will come in the night. Set traps. When the moment comes to strike, don’t hesitate. Keep writing in that book. If you run out of room make the book bigger somehow. Give it a female name. It’s not weird to do that. When will you know the book is finished? You will know. She will tell you.

Now someone get ALL OF HOLLYWOOD on the phone. I’ve got something they’re going to want to see. (e.g. My acting.)